“Empty Chair”

Today’s journal page is entitled “Empty Chair.”


Since I was a child, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. To me, Christmas meant twinkling lights, delicious food, great presents from Santa, glorious music, and most importantly, precious moments spent with my loved ones, particularly my grandparents. They always did everything they could to ensure that the holidays were happy and fun for my sister and me–and we are so fortunate to have many warm, wonderful memories of the times we spent with them around the tree.

Our paternal grandmother passed away during my senior year of high school, and as my sis and I became adults, our maternal grandparents entered their eighties and began to slow down. At that point, it became our job to make Christmas as merry as possible for them. Each year we eagerly anticipated the holidays, and our goal was to do whatever we could to make them wonderful. When I started scrapbooking, I began creating handmade greeting cards, albums, and other items for them. The expressions of pleasure and joy on their faces as they opened these heartfelt gifts will remain with me forever.

Since their passing in 2005 and 2008, respectively, Christmas hasn’t been quite the same. Last year, a day before Christmas, I lost a beloved pet, and this has also made it difficult. The proverbial “empty chairs” at my holiday table, and the challenging feelings of remembrance, grief, and loneliness that many people have during this season, were the inspiration for this page.


This page was created with old book pages, scraps of patterned paper from another project, masking tape, Washi tape, white gesso, acrylic paint, pigment and dye inks, stamps, water-soluble crayons, a vintage Dymo label maker, pens, and a magazine image.

For me, art journaling is a wonderful and needed source of catharsis, and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with you!





About Jenny Petricek

I am a mixed-media artist who loves collage, bookmaking, journaling, and memory art.
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2 Responses to “Empty Chair”

  1. Beautiful page Jenny! I understand about Christmas. Honestly, the older I get and the more loved ones that have passed on (or children that spend at girlfriend’s) the more Christmas is just not the same. I hope you do have a Merry Christmas and hoping 2016 is an awesome year!


    • Thank you, Nancy! It’s comforting to know there are others who have these same feelings at times. I can definitely relate to what you are saying about the children as they grow up, too! Connor is a teenager now, and the holiday just isn’t quite as magical and wondrous as it was when he was a lot younger and had the childlike enthusiasm for Santa, etc. It won’t be long at all until he’s off to college…yikes!

      Merry Christmas to you, friend, and wishing you and your family all the best in the New Year! 🙂


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