“Solitude” is one of my journal pages that appears in Kim Rae Nugent’s new book, Journal Starters Sampler Volume I.


One of the inspiring photographs in Kim’s book depicts a lone gull standing on a beach, and the word “solitude” instantly jumped out at me when I saw it.

I definitely enjoy being around other people. I eagerly seek out opportunities to visit and hang out with my family and friends. As a lifelong athlete I’ve competed as part of many teams, and I highly value the friendship and camaraderie that I’ve found among my teammates. I belong to a profession where I serve the public, and I come into contact with over a hundred people on a daily basis. I absolutely love creating and connecting with other artists at workshops and retreats, here in the blogosphere, and on social media.


While all of this is most certainly true, there are also times in my life when I feel a deep desire to be alone. There are moments when the busy chaos of life and the cacophonous chorus of voices that fills my ears each day make it hard for me to hear myself think, and I desperately need a refuge. My art studio often serves as this refuge. A quiet country road where I ride my bicycle in the warm-weather months also serves as such a place. A deserted stretch of beach (like that of the gull in the photo!) is another haven. I’ve made a lot of important decisions about my life in these solitary settings, because they seem to be the only places where I can turn off the background noise, listen to my heart, and find the truth.


It isn’t always possible to set aside time in my schedule for solitude, but I try to do it as often as I can because I know it’s essential in order for me to function at my best, as a human being and as an artist. In the past, taking time out for myself made me feel guilty, but I think as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that it’s just another part of me that I need to accommodate and embrace.

This page was made with vintage book pages and papers, gesso, spray inks, stencils, rub-ons, pens, a painted and stamped chipboard letter stencil, text typed on a vintage typewriter, photo corners, a sticker label, and the image from the book.

Journal Starters Sampler Volume I can be purchased at Amazon.com.

Have a wonderful week–and do your best to take time out for you!


About Jenny Petricek

I am a mixed-media artist who loves collage, bookmaking, journaling, and memory art.
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  1. The C-Sweet says:

    Awesome, awesome journal pages! I love your perspective and your work Jenny!

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