“I Will Follow You”

Happy Saturday to all! Hope everyone’s had a great week!

For me, it’s been a challenging one, especially when it comes to my health. Last weekend, I came down with a horrible case of bronchitis which rendered me useless for quite awhile. I was forced to miss half of a long-anticipated art workshop, which was highly disappointing. I also had to miss two days of work, which in my occupation is nothing but a trap. For a few days after my return, I struggled to catch up on everything I’d missed, working late into the evenings. Needless to say, there wasn’t much studio time or blogging time for me this week (frown!).

Thankfully I’m back, and today I’d like to share a page I completed recently, entitled, “I Will Follow You.” It appears in Kim Rae Nugent’s book, Journal Starters Sampler Volume I, which is currently available on Amazon.com.


This page includes a portion of a photograph from the book. The original picture had been snapped through the windshield of a vehicle as it passed through a tunnel; it shows a rear view of a truck that the vehicle had been following. As I worked on building the page, I kept being drawn to the concept of following, and of being followed. It became a reflection of faith — my personal faith — in God and in the people I love.


While I identify as a Christian, my faith journey hasn’t always been an easy one. Throughout my life I’ve wavered back and forth between belief and uncertainty. Despite the fact I was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and attended church regularly with my parents while growing up, I’ve never been as convinced as I would like to be about the existence and influence of God in our world. Quite honestly, of all the characters in the Bible, the one with whom I tend to identify most is probably Thomas, the apostle who struggled with doubt and couldn’t stop asking questions. It seems I’m constantly looking at the imperfect world and wondering, if there is a God, why does this or that terrible thing happen? I can and do question it–but invariably, each time I’ve felt compelled to do so, I’ve experienced something that has pulled me back into the fold and caused me to believe.

I think the people in my life have been the primary reason I keep believing, and keep wanting to believe. God has shown His light to me through the people He has placed into my path. The vast majority of the time, when I’ve really needed someone to lead me through the darkness, to open a door, to build up my confidence, to just be there — someone has arrived to lend a hand. I’ve blessed with a family that does its best to close ranks around me when I need support. I have a group of loyal friends who have been constants in my life for decades. We follow each other and allow ourselves to be followed, and we don’t leave anyone behind. Through smiles and sadness, I know that when I turn around, they’ll be right behind me. And even if it seems as though God is far away, I can take comfort in that knowledge.


This page was created with vintage book pages, gesso, spray inks, a punchinella stencil, stamped corrugated cardboard, Washi tape, rub-ons, stickers, vintage Dymo labels, found text, a chipboard frame, photo corners, pens, and the image from the book.


Thanks to all of those who follow me here on this blog! I am also very blessed to count you among my friends! Have a great weekend!



About Jenny Petricek

I am a mixed-media artist who loves collage, bookmaking, journaling, and memory art.
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8 Responses to “I Will Follow You”

  1. Cheryl says:

    This is a wonderful spread. The photo really leads the way, doesn’t it? I’m a follower, but not by nature. My nature is adventurous. I like to lead. I like to be in control. However, controlling was built into my personality by my constant struggle with my alcoholic, abusive parents. My word for the year is ‘flow’ so I am learning to give up control especially where it concerns other people b/c I’m not the boss of them. I’m the boss of me. It’s been a lifelong struggle to come to terms with this.

    I was baptized a Baptist. I loved Sunday School but didn’t get to go often enough. I guess there are times in my life when I have been ‘doubting Thomas’ and there have been other times where nothing can shake my faith. I think that’s the crucial point-faith. I have faith but not in God coming down to the physical plane to stop men and women from exercising their free will. I have faith in knowing I will continually be amazed in the generosity of the human spirit and my life lessons can be taught by anybody, even you and me.

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    • Beautiful and poignant commentary, Cheryl! I, too, believe 100% in God’s gift of free will and decision making in our lives. He gave us each a miraculous, marvelous brain, and I believe it is our sacred responsibility to use it to its full potential, to learn all we can and make decisions that are best for our lives, for those around us, for the natural world, and for the government that serves us. This is a pretty radical departure from some of the more conservative Christian denominations (including the LCMS), but it’s always how I’ve felt. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


  2. As always, your work is bright and beautiful, just like you! Anytime I look at a sunrise, sunset, rainbow, pretty much anything in nature, I know God is real. Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and hold on and I’ve found when I cling to him, he holds me up. Sorry to hear you were feeling poorly but I’m so glad you’re better and making and sharing your beautiful work with us!

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    • Thanks so much for your beautiful compliment, Laura! 🙂 Indeed, nature is another sign that God is here and surrounding us–and yes–when it feels like the world is showing us just the opposite, we DO just need to grit our teeth and hold tight to our beliefs!

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  3. westonjd says:

    Hey, hope you’re feeling better? Your work is as usual, full of wonder, my eyes flick from side to side trying to take in all the information.

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, I am feeling better, but am still pretty swamped with stuff to do at my job, and haven’t had much time, unfortunately, to make art or post on the blog the last 1-2 weeks. Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback, friend! 🙂


  4. sunmoongal says:

    Gosh, i love the “If the wat be drear” quote and all the art. I need that one today. We have this neighborhood email thing. One lady reported a coyote grabbed her dog while she was walking it and that was sad enough. Then people started talking about getting their guns and killing them, etc. i think this one was sick or had rabies, most are scared of us and starving.

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    • Thanks so much! We live in a semi-rural area, and unfortunately, are hearing a lot about coyote attacks, too. There’s been so much new construction recently, and it’s slowly but surely eliminating the animals’ natural habitat and prey. It’s no wonder they are targeting pets. Very sad!


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