“The End is a Beginning”

Happy Friday to all! We made it to the end of another week!

This week was extremely busy and hectic for me, as I had a four-day inservice workshop to attend, as well as a night class on one of those evenings, so unfortunately it hasn’t been a very productive art week.

Even so, I do want to share another of my pages that appears in my friend Kim Rae Nugent’s recently published book, Journal Starters: Nature Backgrounds, Textures, and Collaborations, which can be purchased at Amazon.com. It’s called, “The End is a Beginning.”


This page was created on a background of collaged vintage book pages, and features gesso, fluid acrylics, rubber stamps, pigment ink, stamped bubble wrap, stenciled mesh, rub-ons, Washi tape, a date stamp, and one of Kim’s photographs from the book.

The flaming fall leaves in the photo definitely served as the catalyst for this page. To me, autumn always carries the significance of being one of nature’s endings. This is a big reason why it’s never been my favorite season; I always feel a bit depressed when I see leaves changing color and falling from the trees, because it always signals that the cold, long, dark winter is about to descend upon us. However, sometimes endings are good things because they close one door and open another–they might take us from something that maybe wasn’t ideal for us, and deliver us to something a lot better. When I made this page, I was feeling a bit fearful of a change that I thought might be imminent, but I told myself that no matter what, I’d be OK–that if a change truly was on the horizon, it was probably for the best, and that I would adapt in the end.

I’m looking ahead to the fast-approaching autumn, and still thinking of it as a kind of letdown, but thankfully there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy! Let’s all enjoy it this weekend! 🙂





About Jenny Petricek

I am a mixed-media artist who loves collage, bookmaking, journaling, and memory art.
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