“Looking For My Quiet Place”

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone’s having a great week!

Here is another journal page which appears in Kim Rae Nugent’s newest book, Journal Starters: Nature Backgrounds, Textures, & Collaborations, which is now available on Amazon.com. It’s called, “Looking for My Quiet Place.”


The inspiration for this page was a photograph of an old wooden bridge crossing over a meandering stream that was featured in Kim’s book. It reminded me instantly of places I liked to go as a child and still enjoy visiting as an adult–calm, quiet settings in nature where one can be alone and get in touch with their thoughts and feelings. Too often in life I feel as though I’m stuck in crowded, chaotic, and cacophonous places where I can’t even hear the self-dialogue in my head, much less respect what it’s trying to tell me–and it’s these kinds of places that give me the space and silence to do that.

My studio is definitely a quiet place where I can slow down and focus solely on me. Art-making provides me with a method of getting in touch with myself again. In the coming weeks ahead, as I return to work after a really restful and relaxing time away, I know that I will need to be intentional about providing myself with a “quiet place” on a regular basis, as it’s all too easy at times to push it off to the wayside when there are so many things on my daily to-do lists.

This page was created with vintage book pages, Washi tape, stencils, spray inks, stamps, pigment inks, a date tab, text typed on a vintage typewriter, and part of a photograph from the book.

Hope you are all able to find–and enjoy–your “quiet place” today! 🙂






About Jenny Petricek

I am a mixed-media artist who loves collage, bookmaking, journaling, and memory art.
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2 Responses to “Looking For My Quiet Place”

  1. Beautiful page – the layers of text and pattern and the Autumnal colours – and love the meaning behind it. It made me think of a poem called ‘The Peace of Wild Things’ by Wendell Berry. I definitely identify with the feeling you describe!

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